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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Interview With Watercolor Artist - Annemette Falck Fleron

Danish artist Annemette Falck Fleron
1. Tell us a bit about yourself – who are you, where are you from?

My name is Annemette Falck Fleron. I am 24 years of age, born in 1990, in Copenhagen, Denmark
In real life I'm a registered nurse working with leukemia patients. I love my job as it gives me something special – something I can't define. But more than being a nurse, I'm an artist

I've always been a creative kid but it wasn't until I was 18 that I truly began to draw and paint. I am the kind of person who dances to the music in my headphones at the bus stop, who speaks before really thinking it through and who believes there’s something good in everybody. 

2. What got you interested in watercolors? Have you taken any art classes?
I have never taking any lessons in drawing or gone to art school. Not beside the very basic classes in primary school anyway. 
I am a very varied artist as in so far as what media I use, but it is true that I do have a certain weakness when it comes to watercolors. I don't really know why. They are fun to work with. I love sitting there and trying to manipulate the colors with water and with each other. And they are happy – in my eyes. 

I had a depression once, a quite severe one, and in that period all I ever did was in pencil. And I enjoy using pencil. But when I got out on the other side of my depression I needed to see some colors. So I began using watercolors.

" I do have a certain weakness when it comes to watercolors."

3. You have a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world to paint—where will you go?
Okay... Phew. Anywhere in the world? I have three places I'd go. 
The mountains in Nepal, in a village. The colors, the life, the culture. Oh I SO want to do that one day. 
Central Park in New York, USA. The city life, the people, the modern life in one big hurried stream.
Or the beach in Bali. Just because that is somewhere I'd always wanted to go.

4. What’s the one thing you can't live without, and why?
If the first - my family. There is no question about it. 
I have grown up in what essentially becomes the picture perfect family. My family is a lot of things but perfect is not one of them. But I have never questioned if they loved me or not, I've always known they did. I wouldn't ever want to be without them.

If we are talking material things, I'm not as sure. My art things are high on the list of things I'd find it difficult to live without. 
But then again, so is my books (I am quite the avid reader). Or my Mac because it keeps me connected to the outside world. So I don't know. But it would kill me slowly to go without my things to be creative, that’s for sure.

5. Where/How do you gather inspiration for your works?
Everywhere. In the things people say, the things they do. 
But mostly I get my inspiration by spending stupidly many hours on the Internet. Looking at pictures of ANYTHING, EVERYTHING
People, houses, flowers, colors, cats, other people’s art work, you name it.

6. Do you have a favorite artist/s? If yes, what draws you to that person’s work?
Confession time - I don't know. I love the way Claude Monet uses his colors. That has always awed me. And I love the Danish Skagen Painters. But that might be because those paintings reminds me of home. Of love. 
As far as modern or current artists go, I don't know. Gosh... kind of makes me a sucky fellow artist, huh?  I have some huge respect for Ester Roi, how she can draw with her color pencils. And if we are talking pencil portraits I'm a big fan of Ileana Hunter and her minimalism impression. But I'm not sure I really and truly have a favorite artist.

"I have some huge respect for Ester Roi... I'm a big fan of Ileana Hunter..."

7. Ever had a commission that was really memorable or special to you?
No. I don't do that many commissions because I've always found it extremely difficult to put a pricetag on my work, and also my insecurities about my work goes through the roof every time I do one. 
What is too much? What is too little? Do they even like it? Oh my God, what if they don't like it? Does it have to hang in their living room? Thoughts like that. But the older I get, the more confident I get in myself and my art, so who knows? 

Maybe someday I will have a really memorable one. My sister asked me for an eye drawing, but we never came around to discussing the colors she wanted. But that evening I did the one called ‘Purple rain’, in the image of what I know she likes. So that one is special to me, but it wasn't a commission. 

"But the older I get, the more confident I get in myself and my art..."

 8. Where else can we find you in Social Medias?
Instagram: @Art_FalckFleron

9. Is there a ritual that gets you "in the zone" for painting/drawing?
Not really no. I just plunk my ass down and start drawing. 
BUT while I am drawing I usually listen to audio books. My favorite to listen to is my Harry Potter books. They always get me in the mood to draw. Is that a ritual? I guess it is.

10. Last and final – this is a great opportunity to share your 3 most special pieces and tell a bit more about them.
Phew, okay here goes. My three personal favorite drawings I've ever made:

PURPLE RAIN Made this in the image of my sister and her favorite colors. It’s made from love and it means something special to me.

BEAUTY FROM PAIN This is a portrait I spend quite some time on and ended up spilling coca cola all over just after finishing. So then I had to think quickly and in a panic I added the color splashes. However it ended up being one of my favorite drawings because even from chaos comes beauty.

ODDITIES I got hooked on using markers as well, and for some reasons I cannot put into words, this portrait is my favorite I've done with them. It just speaks to me.

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