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Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome post

Hello all ladies of the world!

This is the very first post from the admins behind Facebook's Women's International Creative-group
Let us start by introducing ourselves and explain what this is all about ☺

To share great female artistic/creative skills from all over the world. No matter your age, or which country you're from - we wanna see it, and we wanna share it with others.

It originally started back in late December 2013, when Inaa (admin and original creator of the Facebook-group) realized there were no strict female groups for artists on Facebook. The ones she came across said "females only", but still allowed men.
After a few weeks the group started growing, women from all over started posting and sharing their works but Inaa needed help maintaining the group.
Meg were first introduced as the second admin in charge. Followed by Louise and last but not least Samara. 

"Since I started the group I can clearly tell people (women and girls) are very polite to one and another, they give sincere criticism and gladly give tips and ideas of improvement to one and another. It shows it really doesn't matter where you're from, how old you are and not even if you're 'professional' or began your creative hobby last week! 
I have yet to see any bad comments or slander of any sorts, and the group just seems to handle itself most times. Very rarely we have to pitch in and correct or help our members."  
- Inaa Häggström Foose, founder of Women's International Creative-group on Facebook

In this blog you will soon find a lot going on. This is just a draft on our admin-desk so far, but we have a few things up our sleeves:

Interviews: with members/artists/etc...
Artists-sharing: their pages and works...
Articles: videos and reading-material...
Books: recommended art & artists in literature...
• and more...

Inaa Häggström Foose (founder)
My name is Inaa, I am currently 22 years old and I am the founder of this amazing group ♥
I live in Florida but I am originally from northern Sweden.
I too am a struggling artist. Mostly work with charcoal, chalk and soft pastels as my medium. But I like to multitask and blend with painting, crafting and do some photography.

Meg Nazario (co-admin)

Hello, my name is Michele Nazario yet my art name is Meg. I was born on March, 24 of 1992, in a small island of the Carribean named Puerto Rico in the state of Carolina. 
Ever since I was born I had many baby, wedding and dancing photos of professionals, at the same time I started drawing interior homes and painting school works. After time I keep on progressing with both my modeling and my art. During my 3 years at the university I started my art and modeling more visible, despite my health I managed with the help of my family to continue with my art.

Louise Scott (co-admin)
Hello, I'm Louise scott but most people call me Loui
I'm 25 and from the south east of England (and no I have not met the queen and yes the weather is as bad as you think lol). 
I LOVE everything gothic, dark and creepy and love to paint skulls, roses and lilies and I draw horror hearts. I'm a self taught artist and painting is my life and we're my heart belongs. My idols are: van Gogh and Tim Burton, and I wish to one day become great at what I do. 
But for now I'm a starving artist and a all round crazy person and I'm happy. "KEEP ART ALIVE"

Samara Said (co-admin)
Hello, my name is Samara, I'm 31 years old and from the South of England. I'm a full-time mother and artist.

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